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Why work at finnovasia?

Launched in 2015, FINNOVASIA has grown into a powerhouse in the financial tech industry. We organise FinTech events that inspire a new breed of innovators and reignite the passion of industry leaders through exhilarating hackathons, conferences and networking nights in Asia.

From gathering 300 like-minded FinTech enthusiasts and specialists, we have scaled up our events to more than 8,500 senior execs, investors and entrepreneurs from 57 countries in a span of only a few years. FINNOVASIA is reshaping the financial tech landscape.


The Team

Do you get excited about pitching fresh tech ideas and strategies? At FINNOVASIA, we embrace diverse ideas, innovative approaches, and we face incredible challenges head on together.

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As an international team, we thrive in diversity and inclusivity, may it be in people or in ideas. If you are energized with the same entrepreneurial passion, then we would love to have you on board.

Become an Intern

FINNOVASIA welcomes students and fresh graduates to join our global team. Grab this chance to apply your knowledge in the field you love and expand your skillset through real-life projects.

Do you want to explore the financial tech industry? We love to work with interns who are open to learning new and exciting things about the event industry, marketing, sales and operations.

We encourage you to be part of FINNOVASIA. Successful interns would be offered full-time employment opportunity

Hear From Our Employees

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“You will meet intelligent, inspiring, fun and caring people here, every team member has a smile on their face.”​

—  Jade Lee, Fast Track Programme Manager

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“For the past five years, I grow and learn together with FINNOVASIA. This family is full of passionate people who can make dreams come true.”​

—  Alison Yim, Head of Business Development

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“I love to work in FINNOVASIA, which gives me opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”​

—  Emma Mak, Senior Manager, Global Programmes

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“It is incredibly rewarding to work on a project for 6-9 months, and then see it comes to life at our events”​

—  Hannah Rea, Head of Enterprise

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FINNOVASIA celebrates hard work and success, so it doesn’t feel like you are on your own.

—  Richard Holt, Head of Content

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