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We are Asia’s fastest-growing FinTech community and event consultant agency based in Hong Kong.

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Conference & Exhibition

We design and organise large and medium-size conferences and exhibitions for business leaders and executives to facilitate meaningful connections.

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Virtual Conference

Bringing events online can be challenging. With the combined efforts of event technologies, professional animators and videographers, we strive to curate the best virtual event experiences for smarter human interactions and engagement.

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Startup & Investor Programme

We help connect startups and investors through startup demos, pitching competition and 1:1 investor meetings.

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Video Marketing

We produce quality and engaging video content as a way to introduce the key fintech developments in Hong Kong.

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Community Events

We organise informal meet-and-greet for practitioners through various networking events, hackathon and company visits.

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Executive Training

We curate executive trainings and workshops to corporate clients whom are looking for digital transformation within their organisations.

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